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Product Brands

Stoltz Super Rollers

Stoltz Super Rollers are the highest-quality polyurethane rollers on the market, largely used in the marine industry for easier launching, transporting, and safeguarding of boats. Over a lifetime, they provide superior protection than rubber or PVC rollers, with abrasion resistance, consistent performance, and no marking, staining, cracking, or hardening.

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Armadillo Pipe

Armadillo Pipe consists of specially-formulated polyurethane that is extremely durable and versatile. The pipe is lightweight, easy to assemble, and 10 times more abrasion-resistant than carbon steel. Armadillo Pipe is an adaptable and robust solution for a diverse industrial field.

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The Harvesthane product line serves the agricultural industry with high-quality and cost-effective urethane parts. These sprockets, idlers, shakers, nosecones, and rollers are the components needed in high-tech agribusiness—they are stronger, tougher, and longer-lasting than their cast iron or steel counterparts.

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Member Companies

Molded Dimensions

Molded Dimensions is the original core company for Molded Dimensions Group. As a custom rubber and cast polyurethane molding company, Molded Dimensions was a provider of choice for businesses across a diverse cross-section of markets. It stood out among like-product manufacturers because of its service-oriented approach to each project.

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GlobalTech Plastics

GlobalTech Plastics was acquired by Molded Dimensions Group in January 2022, and, as a full-service plastic injection molding company, helped form the core of our plastics division. GlobalTech specialized in assisting customers in the highly-regulated aerospace, medical, and transportation industries, where quality is paramount. Its skilled professionals used the latest methodologies and state-of-the-art inspection equipment to maintain these highest quality standards and meet their customers’ most stringent demands.

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PCO Urethane

PCO Urethane was acquired by Molded Dimensions Group in November 2021, helping expand its urethane division. As a manufacturer of custom polyurethane parts, PCO Urethane combined quality materials and new technologies with the skill of its employees to offer a wide range of high-quality specialty products.

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KM Tooling

KM Tooling has been part of Molded Dimensions Group since 2014. It was a leader in precision mold design and manufacturing, trim die fabrication, and custom precision machining. KM Tooling helped Molded Dimensions Group as an innovative resource on cold forging, die casting, and molding of rubber and cast polyurethane.

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