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As an improvement to one’s boating experiences, Molded Dimensions Group suggests our Stoltz Super Rollers, the highest-quality polyurethane rollers on the market. These rollers can provide simple improvements to a boat trailer for easier launching, transporting, and protection of the boat.

Boat trailers often contain inferior or low quality rollers. Many boat manufacturers recommend better protecting one’s investment with trailer improvements, and Stoltz Super Rollers deliver long-lasting performance for the lifetime of a trailer.

Rollers made of PVC and rubber are sometimes marketed as having qualities similar to polyurethane, just at a cheaper price—however, the material differences are far greater. Although they may be a larger initial investment, polyurethane Stoltz Super Rollers provide superior protection over a longer lifetime, making them the more economical choice.

All Stoltz products are designed and manufactured in Marshfield, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Our rollers:

  • Improve support for a boat’s keel and transom during transport
  • Reduce the effort needed for boat launching and retrieval by spinning freely and decreasing drag
  • Eliminate the need to submerge the trailer to float off the boat
  • Keep the tow vehicle safely off the slippery portion of the launch ramp
  • Serve as a buffer between the boat and trailer by shifting weight to the shock-absorbent rollers, thereby reducing damaging friction
Advantages over PVC or rubber include:
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Non-marking, non-staining
  • Won’t split or crack, even in extreme cold
  • Longer, consistent performance
  • Will not flat spot after months of storage
  • No need for bushings or bearings
  • Unaffected by oil, gas, or salt


Stoltz Super Rollers are manufactured with the marine industry in mind, as antidotes to wasting time and damaging a boat when getting it to and from the water. Molded Dimensions Group offers keel rollers, bowstops, end caps, and other miscellaneous parts in the Stoltz product line. Beyond boating, these products have found function in material handling and other similar applications.


I was tasked with changing the keel bumpers on my floating dock this week. The only bumper that was a Stoltz product was the most heavily used on the dock. All the other bumpers had disintegrated, and some even damaged the keel of my boat during use. The Stoltz bumper was still in working order, and I am impressed on how well it lasted submerged in brackish water for over a decade. Unbelievable product!

Jay A.Lift Restoration Professional, Marine Industry
Trailer bow stop

ULT-4 Bow Stop Assembly

This is an assembly of a 4” center roller with 2 large bell ends. It mounts on the front of your trailer, on the winch stand. The assembly is meant to be the roller with which your boat will make contact every time you load, trailer, and unload. The large end bells help guide and direct the bow of the boat to the center while snugging it up tight to the bow roller, ensuring correct placement for trailering. The end bells also help prevent the bow of the boat from making contact with the winch post arms, which can damage the hull of the boat.

Ultimate 336 Bow Stop

ULT-336 Bow Stop Assembly

This assembly uses a 3” center roller combined with small end bells to create a bow roller package suitable for smaller vessels, flatter hulls, and PWC trailers.

Bumper pad part

RP-17 Bow Stop

These polyurethane bumpers catch the bow of your boat without marking its hull or damaging its gel coat. Replacing worn-out rubber bumpers is made easy by its two molded-in bolts.

RP8 Roller Part

RP-8 Keel Roller

These rollers help make the process of loading and unloading easier, and protect your boat from impacting the trailer at crucial points.

Bow roller part

RP-SK3 Assembly

A 4” wide center roller with end caps, this is often used to replace existing set-ups typically found on fishing boats under 20’, or for upgrades on new trailers.