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Polyurethane Pipe and Fittings

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Using our superior technical competence and exceptional attention to detail, Molded Dimensions Group is excited to present Armadillo Pipe as a high-quality selection from our product showcase. This custom urethane item is made from a specially formulated polyurethane that is an extremely durable and versatile material. If abrasion and wear are a problem—whether the current application is plastic or metal—Armadillo Pipe may be the solution.

Armadillo Pipe is available in 10-foot lengths in a variety of sizes. Associated fittings—including elbows, couplings, and flanges—are also available for use.

All Armadillo Pipe products are designed and manufactured in Marshfield, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Benefits include:

  • Handling flexibility & ease of installation: quick & simple assembly due to polyurethane’s light weight
  • Chemical resistance: unaffected by contact with most chemicals and capable of working in both caustic (10ph) and acidic (5ph) environments
  • Abrasion resistance: rated 10 times better than carbon steel and 15 times better than polyethylene
  • Less material buildup: a low coefficient of friction equates to cleaner pipe walls
  • Translucent design: blockages readily seen for easier cleanout
  • Conformation with schedule 80 pipe dimensions: matches bolt holes, diameters, etc. of steel pipe
  • Greater wall thickness: extensive durability and extended life
  • Coupling built into finished part: less labor and smaller on-hand supply needed
  • Inventory in stock: fast delivery means less downtime


Armadillo Pipe can be used in a wide variety of applications. It has found a particular sweet spot within the potash mining industry. But it can also be utilized in the pulp & paper and sand & gravel industries, as well as in agriculture, with waste treatment & sewage, and in power plants. Armadillo Pipe is an adaptable and robust solution for a diverse industrial field, fitting nicely in Molded Dimensions Group’s portfolio of creative urethane products.


The superior abrasion resistance in our slurry type applications is especially astounding. Lightweight, easy to install, and less downtime are all important factors in choosing Armadillo Pipe for our projects.

William P.Design Engineer
Urethane pipe part

15-Degree Elbow

Our elbows incorporate the coupler to help reduce the potential for failure and limit the amount of joints needed. Their translucent color allows for visual inspection when blockages occur.

Urethane pipe part


These couplers are used to connect straight lengths of pipe together for longer runs.

Urethane pipe part


All pipe fittings have a greater wall thickness for durability and endurance. Armadillo Pipe has better abrasion resistance than both steel and UHMW & HPDE plastics. It also conforms to schedule 80 pipe dimensions.

Urethane pipe part

Section of Pipe

Armadillo Pipe comes in 10’ lengths. It has a very low coefficient of friction and has very high resistance to most chemicals.