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Agriculture Parts

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The Harvesthane product line from Molded Dimensions Group is part of our reach into serving the agricultural industry with high-quality and cost-effective urethane parts. In today’s high-tech agribusiness, farmers, dairymen, and food processors require stronger, tougher, longer-life components, and urethane delivers.

Harvesthane has been proven in the field to offer superior performance over its cast iron and steel counterparts. Our urethane parts allow potato harvesters, cotton pickers, combines, and more to stay in the field longer. These parts have been tested throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, and New Jersey, across hundreds of acres and over an eight-year period.

All Harvesthane products are designed and manufactured in Marshfield, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

We currently provide Harvesthane versions of:

  • Sprockets*
  • Idlers
  • Shakers
  • Nosecones
  • Rollers

*Our sprockets have a flexible tooth design that efficiently drives a belt and prolongs its life, reducing wear 3 to 1 over steel. Furthermore, the sprockets’ split hub layout allows for quick replacement of the sprocket in the field when necessary.


Agriculture is often called the backbone of America, and we are proud to serve this industry. Harvesthane parts are formulated specifically for vegetable picking, and our Harvesthane sprockets are ideal for equipment used to harvest tomatoes, sugar beets, and potatoes, in a variety of soil types and conditions.

Molded Dimensions Group serves the agriculture industry in a variety of additional ways, including with other urethane parts we offer or have developed for this integral field. And we also have the ability to create something new.


The sprockets and shakers have been two products we have carried and supplied to our farmers for over three decades. They are durable and easy to install, and the customer service has been great.

BernieAgriculture Parts Distributor
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Four available keyways, 2-Bolt and 4-Bolt flanges, and the split cast hub allow for easy replacement in the field. High-grade urethane that is bonded to the hub gives long-lasting durability and wear 3 times better than steel.

Green Harvesthane part

Idler Wheels

The dependability and durability of urethane idler wheels will keep your equipment running longer. Available in various diameters for your specific piece of machinery.

Green Harvesthane part


Shakers are made to separate dirt and other materials from products, such as potatoes and other root crops, by lifting and dropping the rod chain, creating a shaking action.