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Molded Urethane Parts

Molded Dimensions Group is a manufacturer of molded polyurethane parts and components for custom applications. The urethane solutions we deliver can surmount the toughest performance and environmental conditions. We handle both high-speed, high-volume urethane pouring and lower volume, hand-poured jobs. This diversity is possible due to our wide range of urethane casting capabilities, which include:

  • Formulation of New Compounds: New formulas and molds designed and developed to supply parts that meet our customers’ most challenging standards of operation.
  • Diverse Parts and Solutions: Examples include high-wear and protection products like rollers, wheels, bumpers, glides, seals, couplings, and other industrial components.

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Manufacturing Methods:

  • Open Cast Molding: This is the simplest of the molding methods. Polyurethane is smoothly poured into an open-top mold, or sometimes gently flowed up from the bottom of the mold. The product’s top face, or open face, usually undergoes a secondary machining operation in order to remove the over-pour.
  • Pressure Molding: This molding takes place in a sealed chamber. The chamber is held either at high pressure or in a vacuum. This method helps to eliminate air bubbles in the finished product.
  • Compression and Transfer Molding: Both of these molding methods use force to clamp together two halves of a mold. The applied pressure forces the polyurethane into all cavities of the mold. This molding produces products that have complex shapes, without the need for secondary machining operations.


Orange Urethane Sprocket

Vibration Dampening Components

Compression molded vibration dampening component used for high-force applications in the power transmission industry

Gray Urethane Auto Part


Compression molded high-durometer lever used in the medical industry

Green Urethane Wheel


Over-molded metal fastener used for vibration dampening application

Red Urethane Wheel


Utilized for non-marking, high-wear, and abrasion-resistant applications

Yellow urethane gear


Various shapes, styles, and durometers for industrial applications in need of constant force/pressure


Everything From Medical To Mining

Urethane parts are the solution to a wide array of applications, in industries ranging from agriculture, material handling, and water treatment to industrial cleaning, medicine, and mining.

Molded Dimensions Group prides itself on having many customers in many industries. This industry diversification gives us a breadth of knowledge from which we can support every customer with exceptional service and top-quality, dependable products. Systems and methodologies gleaned from our experience in working with one customer can be applied to benefit other customers as well.

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Sprockets · Idlers · Shakers · Rollers · Wheels · Seals · Wear Plates · Gears
Conveyer icon

Material Handling

Bumpers · Rollers · Gears · Wear Plates · Wipers · Grippers
Mining icon


Pipes · Elbows · Gears · Rollers · Couplings · Guides · Bushings
Snow Removal icon

Snow Removal

Scrappers · Salt Spreaders · Blades · Wear Plates · Gears · Rollers
Water treatment icon

Water Treatment

Sprockets · Gears · Bushings · Rollers · Bumpers · U-Cups
Gears icon

Industrial Gears & Couplings


Molded Dimensions Group is often identified as an industry exemplar for the way we apply our engineering expertise and technical knowledge to product and process design. To bring the ideal product to market as quickly as possible, we want to provide some of this know-how to you. This Knowledge Center is based upon both our own experience and urethane molding industry standards (such as ARPM).

Urethane Knowledge Center


Molded Dimensions Group's clear communication and consistent cooperation throughout each project has made them easy to work with and a preferred supplier for all of our urethane applications.

Project ManagerLeading Company in Industrial Equipment Industry

After seeing users rave about the Stoltz brand for over a decade, JetBoatPilot decided to partner with Stoltz and create jetboat specific roller kits optimized to fit each unique hull. Stoltz rollers are a balanced blend of firm and soft. The urethanes used in forming the rollers are sufficiently firm to hold their shape over a lifetime of use, yet gentle on your boat's gelcoat. We chose Stoltz and Molded Dimensions Group because we wanted the best for our customers.

Will OwenPresident & CEO, JetBoatPilot

Great “people first” company! I have worked with them on many technical projects. Attention to detail, timely information, and accuracy are standard in development programs.

Rick P.