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We Make the Difficult Part Easy

Molded Dimensions Group is a premier provider of custom parts for companies seeking reliability, versatility, and a strategic approach from a manufacturer and supplier. Our deep and varied expertise with rubber, plastics, and urethane production and procurement, combined with our holistic approach to fostering customer satisfaction, is unique to the marketplace and makes us the optimal choice for partnership across all manner of industries.

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We’re a leader in designing and manufacturing molded rubber parts for applications across many industries. We provide custom molded hoses and reinforced formed hoses for a wide variety of applications. Our services encompass the fabrication process—from developing concepts and prototypes, to formulating compounds tailored to your standards—for custom rubber parts and components.

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With one of the widest ranges of urethane molding capabilities across the U.S., we are able to handle both high-speed, high-volume urethane pouring as well as lower-volume, hand-poured jobs. In certain environments, polyurethane offers significant advantages over other materials, including plastic, metal, and rubber. We have the experience and technical depth for developing urethane parts that get the job done right.

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We offer full-service, plastic injection molding capabilities: from concept and design, through the complete build cycle, to mass production. Our in-house, experienced engineering and manufacturing teams are devoted to continually improving our design options, fabrication capacities, and technology integration. We successfully work in some of the most regulated industries and are certified in AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015.

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Molded Dimensions Group has a global reach in both production and fulfillment. Product may be produced in North America or Asia, and is shipped worldwide to our customers. The ability to offer multiple manufacturing and fulfillment strategies allows the best possible supply chain for your project.

We take pride in the technical excellence and overall versatility of our business. Our global manufacturing capability is one of the factors that sets us apart from other domestic manufacturers.


Molded Dimensions Group is a leader in precision mold design and fabrication. We have been designing and manufacturing precision molds, tools, trim dies and other custom machined components since 1960. Our expertise in precision mold making translates to a common-sense approach in providing cost-effective solutions with fast turnaround.

The quality of our work makes Molded Dimensions Group an asset to every customer. We incorporate both in-process and pre-shipment quality checks for prototype molds, production molds, cold forming dies, trim dies, and custom machined products.

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Our capabilities include:

  • Mold and Die Design
  • Mold and Die Manufacture
  • Mold and Die Maintenance and Repair
  • Fixtures and Jigs: Prepping, Insert Loading, Inspection, Assembly, Welding, Drill and Custom Vice Jaws
  • CAD Modeling (2D, 3D)
  • Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Technical Support
  • Reverse Engineering


We build mobility solutions that promote inclusion and independent living. With access products, there can be no compromise on quality. We’ve worked with Molded Dimensions Group for years because we know we can count on their consistency and reliability.

Dave R.Director of Procurement, Healthcare Industry

We have relied on Molded Dimensions Group’s exemplary manufacturing execution as a course of habit. The breadth and depth of their technical expertise throughout their staff definitely puts them well ahead of other suppliers we have worked with in the field.

Fortune 500 Electrical Power Systems Manufacturer

Molded Dimensions Group is very technically capable. Working with them is very easy and they keep you informed throughout the entire process. Great company to have as a partner.

Donald E.

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