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Molded Rubber Parts & Formed Hoses

Molded Dimensions Group is a preeminent innovator in the design and manufacture of molded rubber parts and formed hoses, utilized by numerous industries. We are proud of our rubber business unit’s superb technical caliber and exceptional versatility.

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Global Manufacturing

We are also pleased to offer solutions that utilize our worldwide expansion into both production and fulfillment. With the ability to select from several methods for a project’s manufacture, we can create the most advantageous supply chains for our customers.

Formed Hoses

Leading brands turn to Molded Dimensions Group when they need quality formed hoses. Often utilized by our customers in the power generation, lawn & garden, construction, powersports, and marine industries, rubber hoses play a vital role in absorbing vibration.

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Our services encompass:

  • A wide range of thermoset polymers: from the basic EPDM to a highly-engineered fluoroelastomer
  • A broad span of annual volumes: low-, mid-, and high-volume production capabilities
  • A large variety of applications: examples include simple grommets, tightly-toleranced and precision-molded diaphragms, complex hoses, cosmetic-prioritized medical purposes, etc.
  • Significant diversity in part size: from fingertip-sized to being carried by two hands
  • Multiple molding technologies: compression, transfer, and high-speed injection
  • Insert molding capabilities: rubber overmolded onto structural components that are either metallic (stainless or carbon steel, aluminum, etc.) or non-metallic (fiberglass, glass-filled thermoplastics, etc.)
  • Numerous value-added operations: examples include deflashing, grinding, kitting, assembly and testing, inventory control programs such as Kanban, etc.


Miscellaneous hose parts


Extruded, Formed, and Wrapped multi-layer hoses for a wide variety of industries

Rubber handle

Tool Handle

Over-molded handle with multi-color compounds for ergonomic applications

Rubber part

Power Management

Multi-step molding utilized in assembly of electrical components

Rubber seals

Sealing Products

Various custom sealing devices molded using a wide range of color compounds

Rubber Boot Part


Molded dust boot with bellows for high-performance and flexibility applications


Everything From Medical To Mining

The engineering knowledge we’ve gained—owing to the range of parts we manufacture—benefits all of our customers, no matter the industry, with high-quality, consistent products that meet and exceed application requirements.

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Hoses · Seals/Gaskets · Shift Boots · Ducts · Vibration Isolators · Grommets
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Hoses · Seals/Gaskets · Bellows · Vibration Isolators · Impellers · Primer Bulbs · Covers
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Small Engine

Hoses · Seals/Gaskets · Mounts · Vibration Isolators · Spark Plug Boots · Grommets
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Hoses · Seals/Gaskets · Shift Boots · Bellows · Vibration Isolators · Pedal Covers · Pads
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Power Sports

Hoses · Seals/Gaskets · Shift Boots · Bellows · Vibration Isolators · Pedal Covers
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Bumpers · Grommets · Pads · Seals/Gaskets · Straps · Impellers · Cushions


We are known for our engineering expertise and technical fluency regarding product and process design. We believe sharing this information helps expedite delivering optimum products to market. This knowledge center is based upon our own experience and rubber molding industry (such as ARPM) standards.

Rubber Knowledge Center


For decades Molded Dimensions Group has continued to be our key strategic source for custom rubber molding and overmolding by consistently providing and demonstrating world-class on-time delivery, quality, and technical support. Although pricing has been unfavorable at times, they have done a good job of seeking out alternative options for projects to help minimize pricing for their customers.

Technical BuyerHydraulic System Provider

Excellent source for your company's custom molded rubber parts!

Carl Smith

Molded Dimensions Group is a model vendor. When we lost our previous vendor, they went above and beyond to help us with all our rubber products. Some of their strongest talents include project management, communication, internal coordination, asking the right questions, and providing excellent quality for both service and product. They don’t just get the job done – they get the job done right the first time.

Katie McMurraySenior Inventory Control Analyst, Norton McMurray Manufacturing Co.