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What is behind the move to the Molded Dimensions Group company name?
We believe merging our family of companies… Molded Dimensions, PCO Urethane, GlobalTech Plastics, and KM Tooling…into one cohesive brand better reflects our focus to serve customers across a wide variety of industries as a premier provider of rubber, plastic and/or urethane parts.

What new benefits can customers expect?
We can help customers improve their current supply chain network by delivering more with fewer suppliers and at a competitive price. Our rubber, plastic and urethane manufacturing resources include domestic production and our global distribution network. Regardless of where your parts are produced, we manage the manufacturing, quality, and logistics from start to finish.

What does the Leadership Team look like?
The Molded Dimensions Group leadership team includes:

  • Brian Sprinkman: CEO/Marketing/Business Development
  • Ron Dean: General Manager of Fife, WA
  • Dan Sullivan: General Manager of Marshfield, WI

Will I continue to receive my product at the same quality levels and pricing structure?
Your product will continue to be manufactured at the required quality levels, delivered on time and at competitive prices. With our pooled resources our goal is to continue to find ways to improve both cost and quality for our customers.

Is employee contact information changing?
Yes, our emails updated on May 1, 2023. However, all previous email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses will continue to work. We do encourage you to update the company name and email addresses at your earliest convenience.

Will all companies and facilities that are merging be under the Molded Dimensions Group name?
Yes. What was previously the individual company names are being revised as “Molded Dimensions Group.” The current locations will now be as follows:

  • Molded Dimensions Group – Corporate Headquarters (previously Molded Dimensions)
  • Molded Dimensions Group – Marshfield, WI (previously PCO Urethane)
  • Molded Dimensions Group – Fife, WA (previously GlobalTech Plastics)
  • Molded Dimensions Group – Tooling & Machining Services (previously KM Tooling)

What about our PO’s/accounts payable, who do we send them to?
Here is a list of updated contact information for each of our locations:

We pay using ACH. Is there new bank information available to update our systems?
Please contact your local support and contact person for more information on the specifics for your location.

What about certifications?
Our Fife, WA location will remain certified AS9100D (2016) based on ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our Port Washington, WI location will also remain ISO9001:2015 certified.