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Our GlocalSource division provides rubber product from worldwide sources.  These sources are visited and handpicked from dozens of factories by our GlocalSource team to meet the strict quality standards of Molded Dimensions, Inc..  This rubber product, from either China or India, is used by both domestic and worldwide customers.  Those who receive our GlocalSource product expect, and deserve, the same level of quality received from the local Port Washington, WI location.

As with our domestic operations, much effort goes into ensuring that all material properties, visual aspects, and dimensions are consistently met for each GlocalSource project.  Our Project Manager works meticulously to review the project requirements, prints, tool designs, and initial part samples to ensure a successful and timely project startup.

For continuity of on-going product and consistency of quality, we’ve also set up standardized procedures and operate GlocalSource under our ISO-9001 certification.  In the cases where we need more specific methods to achieve similar results, relevant procedures are adapted to assure best practices to attain those desired results.

When utilizing products coming from GlocalSource affiliates, we want our customers to enjoy the same high level of customer service and quality that they have come to expect from Molded Dimensions’ domestic operations, and it’s our commitment to help our customers win.