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If you’ve even taken a road trip across the United States, it is tough not to notice the abundance of farmland that seems to dominate the view (especially within the Midwest). According to the USDA there are just over 2 million farms in the United States. Most of these are family-owned and operated, but that does not mean they are old-fashioned. Agriculture is an ancient endeavor; however, it thrives by utilizing modern technology and science. The agriculture industry is comprised of all the companies and corporations that are involved in the production of food or crops for consumption purposes. This includes both firms that specialize in raising animals and enterprises in growing crops.

Food is an essential part of life and agriculture has often been called the backbone of America. That is one of the many reasons why Molded Dimensions and the Molded Dimensions Group is proud to serve this industry. Our urethane products allow potato harvesters, cotton pickers, combines and more, stay in the field longer. In today’s high-tech agribusiness, farmers, dairymen and food processors require stronger, tougher, longer-life components and urethane delivers.

While we serve the agriculture industry in a variety of ways, we wanted to highlight PCO Urethane’s Harvesthane Agriculture Parts. Our Harvesthane Sprockets are ideal for equipment used to harvest tomatoes, sugar beets and potatoes in a variety of soil types and conditions. In fact, Harvesthane is formulated specifically for vegetable picking and has been proven in the field to offer superior performance over cast iron and steel sprockets, rollers and shakers. We currently provide Harvesthane versions of:

  • Sprockets
  • Idlers
  • Shakers
  • Nosecones
  • Rollers

These parts have been tested throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida and New Jersey across hundreds of acres and over an eight-year period. An added benefit of the sprockets is that they have even prolonged belt life with their flexible tooth design.

Beyond our Harvesthane Agriculture parts, we also develop a number of other urethane parts for this integral industry. These include a beaded rope that is used in milking parlors, impellers used in pumping milk and a number of other parts used in systems for moving milk. We also have developed a 3-way gasket that goes into agriculture equipment and a bin whip part that is used in a silo cleaning assembly.

We’re proud to serve the agriculture industry. And while we’ve listed a number of parts above that we offer or have developed, we also have the ability to develop something new. Contact us today to find out more.