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Molded Dimensions Group prides itself on its broad customer base, reaching across various sectors. From agriculture to marine, from aerospace to transportation, and many more, we serve all manner of industries as a premier provider of custom rubber, urethane, and plastic parts.

Numerous clients in Molded Dimensions Group’s portfolio are from the water and water treatment industry. This sector plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of clean and safe water, for a range of purposes. Involving both private and public entities, companies in this industry implement and oversee processes for water purification, water quality monitoring, water recycling and reuse, regulatory compliance, and more.

For a global water technology provider, the better lead times and superior project management provided by Molded Dimensions Group played a part in its transferring to us a mature product line from another urethane molder. The customer was also impressed with the parts’ improved molding quality. Since urethane is a higher-end solution in the water treatment industry, improved part appearance was important for the company’s ability to land projects.

Another company, specializing in the design and manufacture of water management tools, was appreciative of Molded Dimensions Group’s customer service and responsiveness to the quality issues it was facing with a different plastic manufacturer who was overseas. The customer collaborated with us on finding solutions that worked for them and valued our technical abilities in both tooling and processing. By moving the part design and production to Molded Dimensions Group, the customer eliminated its problems with part quality and received an overall better product, plus saved money on freight and shipping too.

As these examples demonstrate, the water and water treatment industry is well-served by our high level of expertise. Customers can lean on our in-house chemist and engineers to help develop product solutions. Plus, our ability to work in multiple segments—rubber and plastic and urethane—adds value for these customers and demonstrates our investment in their success.

Molded Dimensions Group is glad to serve the water industry with parts designed specifically for each end-use application and environment. Let us devise a quality solution for you—tell us about your needs today.