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There are some obvious benefits to hiring a Engineering intern, like finding and test driving future employees.  What better way is there to try out an employee and then keep them as a permanent hire when you find out they are a good fit?  But, there are other benefits that may even be of greater importance to the small to medium size business. 

During the 2015 summer, Molded Dimensions, Inc. utilized two Engineering interns.  They participated in direct manufacturing, the relocation of our tool shop to its new home, and continuous improvement initiatives.  Their efforts resulted in increased short term summertime productivity, especially when many full timers wish to take time off to enjoy their family vacations.  It is not just the additional help that is attractive, but also the intern’s fresh viewpoint and ideas.  Every situation is new to them.  They look at a problem, aka opportunity for improvement, with no historical company baggage and often times provide innovative solutions.  And finally, offering an intern program is a good way to give back to the community, by enhancing the up and coming workforce as a whole.

Offering internships is, of course, not a one way street.  Perks for the intern include work experience, skill development, resume enrichment, and an opportunity to have hands on learning in their field of work.  Internships are win – win.