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We are proud to announce that Molded Dimensions Inc. is the first company in the world to achieve the Polyurethane Manufacturer’s Association’s Safe and Compliant Seal.

The Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (PMA) is the premier industry trade group for the castable polyurethane industry.  It was started in the 1970s as a coalition of companies to share information and best practices, as well as a voice for good health, safety, and environmental regulations.  For many years the association has educated members about safe chemical handling practices and has had a four-level process for companies to self-certify to these standards.  During the past year, Linda Katz, MDI CEO and the incoming PMA President, worked with other committee members to revamp the program and add a verification step to the certification process.  This step, performed by an outside accredited environmental, health and safety specialist, entitles the company to use the PMA Safe and Compliant Seal as a way to communicate to employees and customers the benefits of a safe work place.

“One of our business goals here at Molded Dimensions is to create a place where great people choose to work,” Mike Katz, MDI President said.  “Achieving this certification continues us along that path, but is also important for our customers who are being asked more than ever to certify the safety and environmental impact of their products to the component level and to understand the operations of their suppliers.”

We are excited about our continued commitment to the safety of our workplace and the environment in which we live.