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We are proud to welcome Bobby Desai to the Molded Dimensions team. With his twenty years of combined experience in project engineering, business development and sales, Bobby’s focus is on building strong customer relationships in targeted markets and guiding his team to reach their goals.

Bobby grew up in Menomonee Falls and is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee. Learn more in our recent conversation…

You’ve been with Molded Dimensions for almost two months now. How are you getting acclimated to the business and the company culture?
“It’s going well. There is a lot of opportunity to move the needle for this organization. Now that I’ve onboarded, I’m controlling my own time and that makes me feel more productive. Among my goals here is to allow people to do their job function, set the strategy and then execute. That’s the culture I want to roll out.”

What were you looking for in your career that led you to join the Molded Dimensions team?
“I knew President & CEO Brian Sprinkman and he recruited me to join the team.

“What intrigued me about this position was how it’s like being a coach. You are creating a game plan and putting the players in place to implement a game plan. I’ve always been a more of a player in sales so I’m now in a leadership role. With Molded Dimensions, there is freedom to be in alignment with our vision, and more synergy between Brian and me and what the plan should be moving forward.”

You have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. How does that shape the relationships you build with customers?
“I came up through engineering, but it was always customer-focused. When I worked as a project engineer, I got in early on the conception phase from prototype to research and development, production and quality. I was responsible for every phase so that allowed me complete interaction with the team and customers.

“At Molded Dimensions, we make custom products and more highly-engineered components, so my experience on the engineering side and my tech background offers advantages. I understand the processes for development and manufacturing. I learned from good leadership over the years and that can help me become a better leader here.”

What is your favorite tech item for work?
“I am a numbers guy. I like using data to make decisions, so our CRM is really important to me to determine wins and losses. It can deliver the data to help us grow and improve.”

What is your passion in business?
“It’s all about getting better as an organization. Are we doing value-added work? Are there areas where we are inefficient that could become opportunities for us? I want to help improve that.”

How do you like to spend your spare time?
“My wife Lisa, daughter Maya, son Mason and I love the outdoors. We have a cabin up north that we visit as often as we can. We have two rescue dogs and they enjoy the lake. I’m a big sports fan, especially of all Wisconsin teams. Our family is athletically-driven and engaged in sports year-round. I’ve coached my kids in football, baseball, and basketball. They’re both in high school now, so it’s extremely enjoyable and much more relaxing to be in the stands.”

Tell us something that others may not know about you.
“I’m of Indian descent. Our family moved from India to Milwaukee in the 1970s. I speak Gujrati and love Indian food. My mom is a fantastic cook, especially her chicken dish and Dosa, which is a crepe filled with potatoes and vegetables.”