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When our company incorporated in 1954 as Robbins Plastics and Rubber, our manufacturing plant was located in Cedarburg and we produced rubber O-rings, tubes and sheets. Our signature rubber and polyurethane custom manufacturing didn’t become part of operations until more than a decade later.

No matter how small the output in those earlier days, there were many good people behind the products being made to help the business succeed.

The dedication still rings true today. Right now, more than one-third of our Molded Dimensions team has been with us for ten years or more.

Employee Appreciation Day rolls around every year in March. This is our inaugural year to host a month-long celebration of individual and company giveaways, gift cards, department pizza parties, and overall gratitude for our workers. We host “live” drawings on Microsoft Teams 23 times throughout the month — so that employees on different shifts can participate. In a goodwill gesture to the surrounding communities, one worker will find $100 in a new water bottle and another $100 to give to a non-profit of their choice.

Our goal is to foster a people-centric culture here every day. We focus on maintaining a positive work environment with our many team development activities. We’ve established an Employee Engagement Committee, a grassroots group of five team members from company veterans to our newer hires in order to offer a variety of perspectives and ideas on our workers’ wants and needs.

We conduct internal employee surveys for feedback on our activities. There were 30 of them in 2020. In the pandemic our normal potlucks shifted to handouts like drinks, ice cream, hot lasagna in boxes, a Halloween treat bag, even pumpkin pie and turkey vouchers at the holidays. We try to host two to three employee events each year and look forward to getting back to our employee and family off-site events, when we can do so safely.

New for 2021 is the Buddy Program, an opportunity to create an easy onboarding experience for a new employee by pairing them with one of our established team members. (We launched this in February, so look for more on that program in the months to come.)

When our people talk about how much they enjoy where they work, that filters out into the communities of our headquarters and beyond. We proudly support about a half dozen area groups, including the tech education department at Port Washington High School, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Fish Day. Any full-time employees interested in continuing education receive tuition reimbursement for up to two classes each semester they are enrolled.

We are proud of our employees and what they do. We are always looking for good people to join us. Check out our career opportunities here.