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Polyurethanes are used in numerous ways in the medical world, and allow for the creation of many medical devices, including:

  • Catheters and general purpose tubing;
  • Hospital bedding;
  • Surgical drapes;
  • Wound dressings;
  • Injection molded devices; and
  • Medical implants.

These devices are regulated by the FDA, but the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the FDA’s rules.¬†Polyurethanes offer many beneficial features when compared to other potential materials. They are cost-effective, long-lasting, tough and have high stress properties. These are important features when putting one’s life in the hands of a small medical device.

Our diverse customer base crosses many industries, as we like to say from “medical to mining.” The engineering expertise we gain based on the range of parts we manufacture benefits all customers with high quality, consistent product meeting application requirements. In addition, the knowledge and experience gained from servicing large-scale customers, with high service and quality requirements benefits all customers no matter size or industry.

For more information, check out this article from the American Chemistry Council.