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In today’s society of instant communication and worldwide connectedness, happenings from across the globe can affect people and businesses just as if the events occurred right in one’s own backyard. Presently, a looming potential crisis exists regarding relations between China and Taiwan. But Molded Dimensions is expertly poised to tackle any fallout issues that may arise from this possible geopolitical threat.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Taiwan has been governed independently of China since 1949 and sees itself as distinct from the Chinese mainland with its own constitution and democratically-elected leaders. Beijing views the island as part of its territory, however, and has vowed to eventually “unify” Taiwan with the mainland, using force if necessary.

With tensions rising between the two countries, supply chains to the West are at high probability of interruption if any conflict were to erupt. Many companies are consequently exploring reshoring as a method of reducing their exposure to such outside risks. The goal of reshoring is to replace foreign suppliers with domestic partners, thus regaining control over the end-to-end supply chain.

For Molded Dimensions, reshoring would not involve a potentially frantic search for a reliable supplier. Rather, our domestic operation already includes two plants, located on the same property. We mold both rubber and cast polyurethane products at this Wisconsin-based facility. Through the Molded Dimensions Group, we also have increased capabilities in polyurethane and plastic in Wisconsin and Washington. With production and manufacturing capabilities within our U.S.-based operations, we are ready to mitigate any threat to our fulfillment strategies.

To remain a strong, stable partner for our customers, Molded Dimensions prides itself on great versatility. From industry diversification to a variety of services, from an array of part or product sizes to a wide range of annual volumes, we provide every customer with great service and quality.

This support includes our global reach in both production and fulfillment. With a manufacturing location in Asia, in addition to North America, we offer access to worldwide fabricators. These varied production resources set us apart from other domestic manufacturers and remain a unique benefit of partnering with Molded Dimensions, even with political pressures abroad.

Whether your product is produced in North America or Asia, our goal is to create the best possible supply chain for our customers. To find out how we can deliver on this pledge, contact us today.