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In the not-so-distant-past, most rubber and urethane parts manufacturers had a resident Chemist on staff. Over time, manufacturers streamlined, trimmed costs and left these chemistry functions to their raw material suppliers. Some significant trade-offs occurred as a result.

Molded Dimensions believes in the value of an in-house Chemist, continually having one for over 65 years. Here are some of the significant benefits our customers realize as a result:

  1. Time Savings on Development — Rubber formulas can include 15 or more ingredients depending on the intended properties and characteristics of the designed part. An in-house Chemist makes working on these variables a priority until the necessary material properties are achieved. Using a raw material supplier to test the multiple reformulations time and again can add days or weeks to the process.
  2. Materials Better Designed for Production — An on-site Chemist, formulating materials to meet a part’s application and molding production process, has benefits beyond saving time. In-house materials are designed for better optimization of cycle times and reduced scrap rates.
  3. Ensure Compliance — Our Chemist reviews formulations to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, including California’s Proposition 65, REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals. New or revised regulations are commonplace these days and being able to verify compliance in-house provides added protection and time savings.
  4. Quality Assurance — With an in-house Chemist, Molded Dimensions controls the material formulas. We have the ability to move them if a supplier’s raw material quality (or pricing) becomes an issue.
  5. Small, Customized Batches — When a part needs specific, customized properties, small batches requested from material suppliers usually result in longer lead times and higher costs. Molded Dimensions can prepare small batches by customizing masterbatches in-house to keep the process moving. We use this same method for small batch prototype runs and can effectively transfer the same material to large batch production resulting in less variation.

How we value the in-house Chemist role is another reason we are the service provider of choice for companies across a diverse selection of markets for their polyurethane and rubber molding needs. Please click here to request more information about how Molded Dimensions can help you.