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Over the past few months there has been a new tagline attached to our logo, “Member of Molded Dimensions Group.” But what is Molded Dimensions Group (MDG)? And how does this Molded Dimensions Group serve you better?

Molded Dimensions Group seeks to become a premier provider of custom rubber, urethane and plastic parts to OEMs across the United States. The development of Molded Dimensions Group is fueled by strategic investments in the companies, technology and people to make this dream a reality.

Molded Dimensions’ extensive rubber and urethane expertise stands at the core. Earlier this year, Wisconsin-based PCO Urethane was purchased to expand our polyurethane capabilities. Then, the addition of GlobalTech Plastics in Washington state brought plastic-injection molding to the mix and a west coast presence. Not to be overlooked is an existing operation that makes custom tooling and a worldwide network of rubber and plastic manufacturers to provide competitive options to our customers. These engineer-driven, industry-leading rubber, urethane and plastic facilities are unique to the marketplace, making us the optimal choice for partnership across all manner of industries.

We are working on future acquisitions of rubber, urethane and plastics operations to enhance our ability to serve customers from coast-to-coast. In addition, new equipment and technology are coming online to improve our unique range of offerings.

One other feature of the new MDG logo is the tagline, “We make the difficult part easy.” Aside from being a fun play on words, it defines our mission to provide OEM’s expert design, quality manufacturing and competitive, global pricing all under one roof.

Molded Dimensions Group is comprised of three, distinct divisions:

Rubber Division
We’re an industry leader in designing and manufacturing molded rubber parts for applications across many industries. We also provide custom molded rubber hoses and reinforced formed hoses for a variety of applications. Our services include developing concepts and prototypes to formulating rubber compounds to meet your custom standards, through the production of custom rubber parts and components.

Urethane Division
Polyurethane, in certain environments, offers significant advantages over other materials, including plastic, metal and rubber. Urethane molding capabilities range from high-speed, high-volume urethane pouring to lower volume, hand-poured jobs.

Plastic Division
Plastic injection molding capabilities cover the gamut from concept and design, through the complete build cycle to mass production. We have in-house, experienced engineering and manufacturing teams devoted to continually improve design, fabrication and technology. We are certified in AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015, allowing us to work in some of the most regulated industries.

We are excited to introduce Molded Dimensions Group. It allows us to better serve our collective customer base by expanding our manufacturing and service capabilities. If you have any questions, please email us at