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These elastomer hoses are used for marine, recreation vehicle and automobile engine exhaust and can be custom-made when there is limited space in an engine.

High quality, custom hoses molded using the correct material compound chosen based on the application and working environment contributes to safety in marine engines, in recreation vehicles and under the hood of a vehicle. Exact measurements and durability are crucial in the production of these hoses, as faulty ones are a common cause of boats sinking and other mechanical failures. We here at MDI are always sure to check and double-check each product, and use elastomer compound to ensure the highest quality products.

When something like a hose is a small part of a bigger system, it’s important that everything works well and cohesively. There are a lot of moving parts in engines, and each piece plays a vital role in keeping you, your company and your family safe.

See if you can find the elastomer hose in the photo below!



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