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With deep expertise in plastic, rubber, and urethane production, Molded Dimensions Group knows that custom molded parts are integral to the design and functionality of consumer electronics. They’re essential for the creation of high-quality, reliable, and attractive products—and Molded Dimensions Group is the optimal partner for manufacture of these components.

In the manufacturing process, our clients in consumer electronics work with our experienced engineering team, who contribute with invaluable expertise and problem-solving abilities. Team members at Molded Dimensions Group also offer design support and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services. In the proactive DFM approach, the aim is to design products in a way that optimizes the ease and efficiency of the manufacturing process—and thereby shortens the time to market for our customers.

Setting Molded Dimensions Group apart from other domestic manufacturers is our global reach in production and fulfillment. We have established long-standing relationships with both domestic and international mold makers. For each project, we can then identify and collaborate with the most suitable partners. And any scale of production can be accounted for with the tonnage capacities of our machines, ranging from 88 tons to 1200 tons.

Especially beneficial to the consumer electronics industry, Molded Dimensions Group specializes in overmolded parts, where a single part is created using two or more different materials. The technique is used to enhance a product’s functionality, durability, and aesthetics—all important characteristics in household electronic devices. And after molding is complete, we offer value-added operations such as pad printing, heat staking, ultrasonic welding, assembly, kitting, packaging, and inventory management.

Having received ISO 9001:2015 certification, Molded Dimensions Group consistently meets customer and regulatory requirements. Using Six Sigma SPC Production methodologies, we continuously improve our processes, and with First Article Inspections, customers can be certain that their parts will be consistently and reliably produced, meeting all specified requirements.

The varied abilities and expertise of the team at Molded Dimensions Group is well-aligned with the diverse needs of products in the consumer electronics industry. We deliver exceptional results, with quality and service underlining each step of the process.

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