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Attributed to the wide variety of industries served, the diversification of customers at Molded Dimensions Group is extensive. We have thereby gained a breadth of knowledge and continue to learn with each part we manufacture, growing alongside the cutting-edge technology of our customers, including the producers of commercial drones.

The team at Molded Dimensions Group is known for our engineering expertise, which continually develops, and our technical fluency, particularly regarding product and process design. For drone components, we offer design support and often employ our 3D printing capabilities. A valuable tool, 3D printing allows for rapid prototyping, customization, and the production of complex parts.

Also beneficial to our customers, we feature onsite tool making. Keeping this process in-house offers significant advantages in terms of speed, cost, quality, customization, and reliability. And we give our clients a wide range of resin options, including high-end engineering resins. These materials ensure the efficiency and dependability necessary for drones to operate effectively, even under stringent considerations relating to performance, durability, and weight.

Molded Dimensions Group desires to help drone manufacturers produce products that are reliable and high-performing, and, to that end, we incorporate 5-axis robotics into our manufacturing processes. 5-axis robotics significantly enhance precision, efficiency, flexibility, and quality. Especially important in the rapidly evolving drone industry, utilizing this technology provides our customers with an appreciated competitive edge.

To maintain the best possible supply chain—for every project, drone components included—Molded Dimensions Group has established global sourcing connections. Leveraging both our domestic and international connections, we have longstanding relationships with mold-making partners. And post-mold, our available value-added operations include pad printing, heat staking, ultrasonic welding, assembly, kitting, packaging, and inventory management.

Knowing that the drone market is highly regulated, we ensure quality requirements for parts are met through a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). We are also proud of our AS9100D certification, a comprehensive quality management standard essential for the aerospace industry. With this accreditation, customers can be assured that the work of Molded Dimensions Group meets the rigorous demands of the aerospace sector, including its high standards of safety, quality, and reliability.

Combining our deep expertise in plastic, rubber, and urethane production with our vast technical knowledge and commitment to quality, Molded Dimensions Group is the partner who can bring you exceptional solutions and peace of mind. Through a working relationship, let’s formulate the custom products your drones need.

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