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How is the “one-stop shop” business model a successful alternative for new and existing customers of Molded Dimensions Group?

“A lot of our competitors offer only plastics, rubber or urethane singularly and we supply all three,” says Bobby Desai, VP of Sales & Marketing for Molded Dimensions Group. “There’s a tremendous need for flexibility in today’s marketplace. This is our strength and we focus on that. Many of our customers who want plastic also need rubber. When there’s a world out there reducing the supplier, we’re the best option because everything is in one place.”

If Molded Dimensions Group doesn’t have the necessary capabilities that would fall in line with rubber, urethane and plastic, Desai says they will find another supplier to assist.

“We manufacturer product in the U.S. and overseas, so it’s critical that we can deliver domestically and offer a foreign source of products outside of our capabilities as a supplement to customers and prospects. We have a purchasing manager who is responsible for procuring companies to fulfill any and all areas of need.”

Another strong advantage of Molded Dimensions Group’s one-stop shop is the company’s knowledge base and technical expertise in rubber, urethane and plastic.

“We become an extension of a customer’s engineering team. Our specialists can assist and design for manufacturers, consult on material selection and tooling costs. We know the avenues and processes of the three different materials that others may not have.”

Desai says today’s companies want to align with a partner that can deliver on more than one solution, with a project that runs smoothly from beginning to end.

“We have a new customer in the HVAC commercial market that initially purchased our hoses. They also needed rubber, so we supplied that. Now we have an audit for plastic to consider a large tonnage molding. It’s a good story of us coming in first with one solution that then expanded to molded rubber and plastics.”

“And we make sure our project development process for the customer is consistent at every level – through ownership, delivery and quality.”

It’s important for employees to understand and exemplify these values, says Desai. He points to the vision that makes up the company’s DNA: Molded Dimensions Group is an engineering driven organization with a customer-focused approach; a reliable partner that is flexible and concentrates on a seamless cross-commodity supply.

“When we care about our products, the customer is the beneficiary of that practice. This is what Molded Dimensions Group wants to live by and what differentiates us as a great partner.”