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Molded Dimensions Group is proud to prioritize customer satisfaction, as we continually strive to develop and grow relationships with our customers. Committed to consistently delivering quality solutions, we remain responsive to evolving customer needs.

One such way we can serve our clients is through tool transfers: for tools that were once manufactured at another production facility, customers can transfer their assets to Molded Dimensions Group, where we apply tried-and-true presses, materials, and processes to improve upon the products.

Tool transfers can help our customers in several ways, including:

  • Increase the stability of a customer’s supply chain
  • Boost part output quality
  • Avoid the initial high cost of new tool fabrication
  • Allow them to make a long-term investment that yields lowered risks and added convenience.

Upon the tool’s arrival at our facility, a cross-functional team assesses the mold for needed improvements or repairs. During this stage, our team analyzes part design for manufacturability and performance, material optimization, and recommended mold enhancements. We then facilitate the first article process; begin new process development; and hand off the project to production upon part approval.

Molded Dimensions Group recognizes that customers prefer options in handling the cost of new and transferred tooling–and sometimes the upfront expense is a barrier to moving forward. For such instances, we recommend leveraging our new multi-level amortization program, complete with four combinations of down payment costs, tooling amortization, tooling cost payoff periods and convenience fees:

Level Down Payment Amortized Pay-Off Period Convenience Fee
1 50% 50% 6 months 0%
2 50% 50% 12 months 5%
3 100% 100% 12 months 10%
4 100% 100% 24 months 15%

Molded Dimensions Group strives to wow its customers and demonstrate our true care for every client. We are thrilled to offer our multi-level tool transfer and amortization programs to eliminate obstacles and provide peace of mind for our customers.

If you may want to work with us on a tool transfer, please submit the form below. And please reach out to us today if you have questions about our amortization program. We look forward to working with you!